ATI/AMD CCC vs. Nvidia CP Drivers

Ok, so long story short I picked out an HIS HD7870 GHz edition for my father-in-law's new PC build.

I picked it out because at the time it had performance that seemed on par with the GTX580 and there wasn't any need for something even that powerful.
The reason I picked IT over lets say the GTX570 (What I am rocking) was due to price. (The 570 and 7870 were withing a couple of $$$ of each other).
But I am having personal qualms of sticking AMD in his system when I am such an Nvidia enthusiast. Mostly because of the Driver support.

So, is ATI/AMD driver suite any better than what it was lets say during HD5xxx and HD6xxx series?

I need to put this to rest in my personal mind.

Note, We just bought and built the parts for his PC around 2 months ago.
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    AMD and Nvidia have both released bad drivers, the myth that AMD drivers are worse is unsubstantiated.

    Would have thought these rumors would end after Catalyst 12.7 driver put the HD7970 back on top for performance over the 680, a card that costs $100 more.
  2. AMD still has a few hiccups (I can only think of two games that it has issues with and that SLI doesn't have issues with) with multi-GPU support, but their single GPU support is no worse than Nvidia's right now. Catalyst 12.6 and 12.7, together, solved that almost entirely and the consequent CAPs and releases fixed any remaining major game issues. If anything, Nvidia's drivers seem to get slightly less stable with every release.I keep hearing of people needing to drop overclocks or use older drivers because each new Nvidia driver can't handle them quote as well as the last.
  3. Thanks you two.
    I appreciate it.

    I don't follow performance charts of drivers vs. individual cards.
    I generally only look at raw power of a card at release, or at the time I intend to buy.

    I dont feel like I need to worry about my Father-In-Law's rig as long as he continues to update CCC.
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