Hi, I have mobile intel chipset graphics card.I cant run games with higher graphics requirement. So, can I upgrade to Ati radeon hd 4650 DDR2 512MB??? a simplle yes or no is enough...thnx
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  1. We can't just say yes or no.We need a lot more information.We need the model of your motherboard, the model of your power supply and we might also need the size of your case.
  2. Here you go, I'll give you the answer you want to hear. You'll be fine. Just don't be mad at me if you don't have the slot on the motherboard needed to run it, or if your case is half height and it won't fit. But you got a simple answer so I guess you are happy now.
  3. Mobile Intel Chipset suggests that you have a laptop. Radeon HD 4650 is usually a Desktop graphics card. Unless you have a thunderbolt capable laptop and are willing to spend around $1000, you can't upgrade that system to use a Radeon HD 4650 or any other discrete desktop card. Can you provide a little more useful information? What CPU, Motherboard, Graphics card are you using now. Laptop or Desktop? Budget? What PSU do you have? The more detail the better.
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