HD 7770 power edition OC vibration

Does vibration affect game performance or crashes? Cuz at 50% speed on the fan there's a low vibration on my desk gets stronger as fan speed increases.

I experience random crash-to-desktop sometime when playing games played on fullscreen and sometimes videos become become slightly choppy about 1 -2 secs of freeze then its normal again.
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  1. I'd think that overheating could be a far larger problem than any vibration, although that probably isn't good either. Are you checking your temps?
  2. If it get lose then there maybe crash. Tighten it. This may help. Also overheating or bad psu may cause this.

    But where do you put your system? Gpu fan speed cause vibration? No way. I suggest update your video card driver latest one and you should be fine i hope.
  3. yep just ran MSI Kombustor 30 min stable at 57C
  4. My drivers are up to date too. it vibrates cuz the table I'm using isn't heavy and only has 2 pillars to support the second bed which wasn't meant to support the Rig only the monitor. gonna test it again after tightening a few bolts on the thing.

    oh man i hope its not my PSU cuz i just got this thing though it would srve me right for skimping on my PSU cuz i think this thing isn't rated
    my PSU Cougar st600 600W
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