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I am applying folder redirection into my client's environment. However, after the policy is successfully applied, it seems that all of my users experience a very long time to log in. This keep on happening even though after 3rd time of login. May I know what did I missed out during the configuration and how can I solve it? Thanks!
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  1. what server version are you using?

    what workstation OS?
  2. The PDC OS is Win Server 2008 R2
    Secondary DC OS is Win Server 2008 R2 also,

    Workstation OS are mixed, but currently I tested login from a Windows 7 user and from Win Server 2008 R2 (remote desktop connection)

    Please let me know if you require any other information so that I can provide you guys.


  3. did the issue start when you added the Windows7 machines?
  4. You may have file synchronization enabled. You will want to disable this and make sure offline files is disabled.
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