GDI/Driver error in rendering

I running a HP computer and whenever I try to print it says that there was an error in printing to the printer. I check under computer management and it says there was an error in GDI/Driver in rendering. Any help with this issue would be great.

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  1. Sounds like either a bad Windows install, bad driver install or an interupt issue but its hard to tell without specifics like Windows version, printer connection method, and printer.
  2. I'm running Windows 2000 pro. It is connected using a standard printer cable. The printer is a HP deskjet 400.
  3. Might check your port settings or try uninstalling reinstalling the printer. It may also be another driver interfering. Hard to say. May also be an OS issue. GDI is the task that handles printer transactions between the OS and the BIOS basically. I haven't seen one of those errors in years.

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