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I am getting ready to 'bread board' my build. I first thought to try my cases fans out. Yes it is plugged in. I even used my multi tester to check voltage. The fans in the case are pre-installed 3 of them. 2 of which have 4 pin molex male and female ends on them. I can even connect those two together, as in one of the male ends into the end of the other's female end and then power one side of them up and they both will get power from one molex source. (I am sure you have seen this)
Funny thing is I am using the HB15 and I tried the HB07 cable ( the ones that are PCI-E to 4 pin Molex) they have either a pci to single molex or to a two or three molex end daisy chained together on one cable. I plugged in the pci-e to the psu and the molex to the fan molex (NOTHING) I measured the power and I get .2 on the red side and I get 12.2 on the yellow side. But the fans do not power up... even with power evident via testing them with my meter. The yellow side of the molex plug off the HB15 and HB07 do plug in to the yellow side of the molex plug of the fan in which the red wire of the fan is connected to the yellow side. So there should be 12.2volts on the correct side.
Does the MOBO need to be plugged in? Am I missing something here? Two fans are not working with 12.2 volts evident via my meter...
The PSU is a X Seasonic 750w Gold 80 Nice unit.. I even tried clicking the on off to reset, but no power to fans. Even the Disco fan in front of the Rosewill Challenger's LED light in the fan does not come on. Is there a ground issue I am missing here?

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    I discovered that the PSU does not supply power unless it is on. So to answer my own question YES you need to have the Mobo hooked up to PSU to get it to power up anything. I bread boarded my build and all is kicken.
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