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I'm building a miniITX build using the Bit Fenix Prodigy case and was wondering if I should go with a Modular PSU or a non modular one and why. Lemme know your thoughts.

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  1. Modular. You do not want more cables in the already small space.
  2. PC power and cooling psu's are good what are you looking to power up?
  3. Yes, it's a good choice.
  4. I've already got the case and the RAM because they were on sale, think I'll buy the PSU tomorrow. I won't have any problems fitting it in that case will I?

    I'll also have a SSD and 7200rpm HDD in this as well.

    EDIT: Decided to go with a gigabyte motherboard cuz of good reviews and a built in wifi
  5. The only main issue I see is that you have a great CPU and a so-so graphics card. It's hard to recommend a different graphics card as I don't know if this is to be used for modern gaming or not.

    If play many modern games this is a much better card: (if so I recommend a 500W PSU)

    16GB is also overkill for DDR3 unless you have a specific video editing, Virtual OS or similar non-typical usage. 8GB is ideal
  6. I'm still up in the air on the graphics card. I mainly don't play that many modern games but that could change with this PC. The RAM I got for $50 on a cyber monday deal, I know it's overkill. This computer is for gaming/video & photo editing/htpc. Once I see my money situation I'll make the decision on the graphics card.
  7. photonboy said:

    If play many modern games this is a much better card: (if so I recommend a 500W PSU)

    when I add that card and a SSD and HDD to my build it says estimated wattage is 280, shouldn't the 400 PSU be fine? I realize it's just estimated but it can't be that far off can it?
  8. Drop the K series CPU. I don't think it's a good idea to OC in an ITX case. The MK III 400w should be ok for 7850.
  9. for the price 50 dollars 16 gigabytes of ram is a steal. I wouldn't go as far as to say that a 7770 is a bad card. I just think it all depends on what end of the spectrum you are in terms of gaming. I think if you are someone that can handle games on medium and on a good day high settings great a 7770 is a good card. However, that being said the 7850 would be a substantial upgrade.

    With a 7770 yea 400 watts is probably golden. Mainly because you are only having to use 1x PCI-Express power adapter. However the second you upgrade to anything better then the 7770 you will need something larger. It would be a far wiser idea to give yourself some headroom. For example if you were to go with something like this.

    This is how I would look at it you are creating a very small ceiling for being able to move around. If a year passes by and you want to move to a different graphics card you can't. Its better to think about the longevity of your computer build than what will work at the current moment.
  10. bigshootr8, maybe I'll just go with the 500w version instead of the 400w, it's only $10 more.

    Pyree, the K isn't much more, and with all the fans in that case I will have(200mm in front, two 120mm in top, 120mm in rear) and the option for liquid cooling a little OC would be an option wouldn't it?

    EDIT: As far as graphics go, I don't really go crazy about being able to run everything on the highest setting, just that it runs the games well, and they don't look like total crap
  11. I am just worry a big cooler will block the PCIe and you can't put a GPU in.
  12. The 500w upgrade is good. At least then you could have a powerful single gpu. In a itx configuration sli/cf would more then likely be a bad idea.

    I'm unsure how water cooling would work you would probably have to mod or mount the radiator outside the case. Something like what this guy did would work fine.

    In terms of the graphics I think the 7770 can do what you pretty much want to do now however going forward I think the 7850 would be the better option. However, you purchase what you have money to purchase.
  13. Wow, that's one big ITX case.
  14. looking at pictures of the PSU cage, I worry if the modular setup of the PC Power & Cooling PSU might actually make it harder to fit the PSU in there. Since the opening in the cage is on the side, and the plugs for the cables on the PSU are in the middle...

    I might just go with this one, I've seen pictures of other peoples builds and seen this PSU used. Also it's $20 cheaper
  15. There is a reason its $20 dollars cheaper its because its a builders series (non seasonic) power supply the pc power and cooling supply he wants is fine. Like pyree said its a large case for itx. It's built by the looks to carry all the larger items in a smaller form factor.
  16. Well they're sold out of the PC Power & Cooling PSU so it looks like I'm gonna decide between these:

    any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also, whats with the hate on the Builders series? A lot of the things I've read online say they're perfectly fine.
  17. Just a heads up in case you haven't seen it mentioned. You do have to pay a little extra attention in getting a PSU for the Prodigy. You can juuust barely squeeze in a PSU that is 160mm long, and modular PSUs usually need a little extra room because of how the plugs connect. That means most 160mm (6.3 inch) long modular PSUs will NOT fit right. A non-modular can generally have the cables shoved in tight enough to make it fit, but many people complain about the squeeze.
  18. I don't care for the builders series because they don't use a seasonic oem like the TX/HX/AX(excluding "i" units i.e. ax860i) use . Its the internals that I don't care for. You have quality components and you are sticking a budget PSU in your case. But If I had to choose I would go with the corsair. I'm just of the traditional mindset that you never ever go cheap on your power supply.

    & Ravage I didn't know that interesting how that is. I still like the option of modular but if its too tight its too tight.
  19. I didn't mean to steer you completely off of modular. Technically the ATX specification for a PSU is only 140mm long, and there are many PSUs that fit that, boh modular and not. It's just important to notice that many of them happen to be longer than that, and if it is over 160mm it's not going to fit without some modifactions or sacrifices in the Prodigy.
  20. nono! but it was good information to know that it does add a little extra in terms of taking up space.

    I have a AX850 which is fully modular and I love it long time :lol:
  21. yeah, I've been reading about that. Any recommendations for PSU's that would fit that aren't crazy expensive?

    this one appears to have a length of 150mm any thoughts on this one?

    EDIT: This one actually looks better and is 140mm
  23. Of the two Enermax is a more highly regarded power supply supplier. Raidmax, AZZA, Sparkle brands are probably brands to stay away from. Otherwise I'd spend a little extra and get this. The TX650 PSU's are pretty small. Which is just a little longer just but a hair than 150mm
  24. on their website it says they're 160mm
  25. ah I see I see yea wasn't carrying over the decimals my bad ><! I had measuring things in MM inches mofo :P At least its not the AX1200 its 185.42mm :P
  26. think I'll just go with the Enermax to be safe
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