Windows 7 installation problem

hello, im trying to install windows 7 64 bit on my custom built rig, and to make a long story short,it never completes.
heres the build:
msi 880gm e43 mobo
amd x2 555
ati hd5670
4gb ddr3 ram

when i boot from the dvd it always hangs on the blank blue wallpaper, from there i had to eject the disk and pop it back in to continue. once it did that it got stuck at the select driver to load screen, and from there im stumped.

after that i tried just restarting the computer (it was running xp 64 bit) and tried installing from there, it seemed like it was going good (got past the select driver screen) but then it just freezes at completing installation. so i restarted the computer and xp is gone. i now have an unfinished install of windows 7. i cant start my computer it says "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected installation cannot proceed. to install windows click ok to restart and then restart the installation.

i read up on some forums with similar situations and tried this:
downloaded ATI SB7xx/SB8xx RAID Driver(onboard PIDE/SATA driver from here

also tried multiple windows 7 dvds it never works on this computer for some reason (any xp dvd will install fine, havent tried vista)

nothing seems to be working, help please? :cry:
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  1. Try a different hard drive if you can. when you say that it never completes, how long did you wait? perhaps it is actually OK, and it just seems a bit long...
  2. The causes can be a bad Hard disk with errors on it, bad sectors that have not been flagged as bad by doing a scan disk, or it can relate to bad memory in the system.
    I take it you are using an origonal windows 7 disk, or did you buy and download it as an Iso image to burn to a Dvd-r disc, if so lower the burn speed to reduce errors occuring when burning the Windows Iso. Image to a Dvd-R, alot of burns fail for example if you try to burn the image to fast causing errors when reading the disk.
  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I made a bootable USB with the iso on it and it worked! :bounce: Anyone with a similar problem can try this method with a program called Rufus.
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