First build $2000 budget, looking for feedback

This is my first gaming build, i am looking for a high end system to run on a Samsung S27b350h 27 In Led Mon or a Samsung S27B550 LCD Monitor

As i said i am looking for a high end gaming build to run the top games on the market with maximum specifications, my budget is around $2000 and i live in Australia, local options are available but are more expensive and have little customization options. This is hopefully a strong build, feel free to offer any improvements in certain areas as well as any areas where i don't need so much firepower, as i said this is my first build, i could be completely wrong or completely overdoing it, please offer some constructive criticism, or just compliment the design! thanks.
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  1. Looks solid, change the mobo to something cheaper (the Sabertooth is vastly overpriced imo) or if you're set on spending on a mobo get the Gigabyte UP5 TH. Also, the 680 offers very little over a 670 and is much more expensive. You don't need 900W, even for SLI 800W will do you fine. Also, only get i7 if you are planning on doing some major video editing. Everything else looks solid to me.
  2. Pretty much what Vance said. The only thing I disagree with is the PSU thought. If you overclock the CPU enough with SLI, you may need that much power. And anyway it is always better to have too much power rather than just or not enough, this will cause your PC to not boot correctly. The 670 is literally $100 cheaper with 95% of the performance of a 680. If you have the money though go for it. Asus cards are a bit overpriced even though their cooler is great. If ou need to save some money EVGA (nice manufacturer of NVIDIA cards) offers 680s for anywhere between $450-$550. The upper end of he spectrum is of course 4GB, FTW, and Classified versions.
  3. Thanks for the tips guys, i was also wondering would it be worth waiting for the Geforce 700 series, i know they are meant to come out around Christmas, i will look into a few of the spec changes you said, but what power supply would be the best for around 150 to 170?
  4. Yeah, might as well wait for the 700 series. Forgot they were coming so soon. Don't buy right on release though, wait a month and see if the performance is noticeable and other relevant things. Sometimes the initial release can have some problems. For a nice PSU go with a Corsair 750W or 850W. They are Silver/Gold (depends on who you ask) 80+ certified and fully modular. The excess watts are just in case, can't go wrong with excess, if you SLI in the future that should cover it.
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