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I bought a XFX Radeon HD 7770 DD and it's not recognised by my system. I am having to use the on board graphics just now. I removed Nvidia drivers from my machine, and that didn't work. Installed CCC and it does not seem to have installed - noting is in the systray or in the start menu, and the only thing listed in the control panel is the " CCC Installer" which is strage ans nvidia stuff had 4 entries for various things like physX etc.

Can anyone help? I am so gutted that this is not working.

Here is my system spec:

Corsair CXV2 500W PSU
AsRock 2CORE1333 motherboard
Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140
2 GB DDR2 667MHz RAM
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  1. I got the same card, and neither the CD-rom setup program nor the card is recognized by my PC.

    Windows 7, 64 bit
    I have a Gigabyte 880GS-UD3H motherboard.
    AMD Athlon II x4 -640
    4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Ram.

    I got this card to replace a HIS Radeon HD 6670, 1GB that was working fine.
  2. it turned out that my motherboard was not able to support this card. I was in the process of replacing the entire PC anyway, and when I got my Asus M5A99X EVO it worked perfectly.

    I would check your motherboard manufacturer's website and see if they offer an update, and if it supports that card.

    Also try downloading the CCC installer from AMD themselves and run that. the CD did not work very well for me but the installer did (when the card was on the new motherboard). the drivers on the CD will likely be out of date anyway, so you will be saving yourself time by going straight to the new version and not updating.
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