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I am thinking of buying a new graphics card as i mentioned in my last thread. I was thinking of 7950 and 660TI but i think i will have enough money to buy a 7970. And i want to ask you one think. What is the diference between sapphire 7970 vapor-x ghz edition and normal sapphire 7970 oc edition. Because vapor x uses 2 8 pin adapters and i have only 1x6 pin and 1 6+2 pin connector (maybe i can buy another 1x 6+2 pin but i dont know where and what to look for) because both the cards are the same price in my country so i would like to know which to pick. I want it for gaming only on 1680x1050 maybe sometimes plug it into my tv via hdmi but that would be like few days a year so. Tell me your opinions. Thank you in advance.
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  1. GHZ edition are just binned chips that will make them overclock to at least 1 GHZ, no other parts are actually any better. Try and find a molex adapter to another 8 pin, should solve your problem there. The Vapor-X cooling is superior, and so is the clock. There's no doubt you should get the Vapor-X version if you are choosing between both those cards.

    Those cards though, are supremly overkill for 1680x1050, and its probably even a little bit overkill for a single 1080p monitor let alone 1680x1050.
  2. and could you give me a link for 6+2 pin adapter or 2 molex to 8 pin adapter? thanks
  3. Make sure your psu is up to scratch though.
  4. Ona last think. Would a FX-8150 bottleneck the graphics card? If yes would an overclock help it?. I have a h80 and i will get a HAF X case soon ( zalman z11 plus atm and not so good cooling)
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