How much of my wireless activity can others see?

If I install a wireless router an other people see my internet activity and it's content?

I am not so concerned with them seeing what sites I visit but what is viewed through them such as my bank account and work related information, passwords etc.
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  1. It depends. Other people connected to your network, whether wired or wireless, can see your unsecured communications if they want to. Generally, your bank will have proper security in place and that will be safe, but for some web sites your passwords will not be secure.
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    Make sure you have WPA2 security enabled. Then use a strong (non-dictionary word) passphrase consisting of random letters, numbers, and acceptable characters. Even though this has to be between 8 and 64 characters, I suggest something over 30 characters.

    If this is done, you have very little to be concerned. Just keep in mind that nothing is absolutely fail-safe. All we can do is to make it extremely difficult for nosy neighbors and hackers.
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