Compare ati 6850 to gforce 570

Hello,i bought ati radeon 6850 is there any difference between gforce 570 and mine?
i need it for purly for fsx flight sim x.
was my choice right or should i change it to geforce engine.?
thanks and regard
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  1. The Geforce GTX 570 is a lot more powerful than the Radeon HD 6850. But for Flight Sim X I think you'll be fine with the 6850. The GTX 570 is probably a lot more expensive, and does use more power.
  2. the 570 is more powerful but as sakkura said your 6850 will be enough for flight sim x
  3. Why would you consider an outdated Nvidia card? A GTX 660 would be both better than a 570 and use around half as much power. A Radeon 7870 would do similarly well, maybe a little better. However, for flight sim, I too doubt that it'd be a big difference, if any at all.
  4. many thanks for your advise.
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