Graphics Scrambled with GTX 560ti

Hello to everyone.

I have a i5 quad core 3550 cpu with a zotac 560ti card and 8gb ram running Win 7 64 bit. From the first few days I had the machine I am having this problem where the graphics on the screen gets completely scrambled whenever I started/start a game. It happens WHEN THE DISPLAY REFRESHES KIND OF LIKE WHEN YOU CHANGE RESOLUTIONS i.e it goes of [black] for a sec and then returns scrambled (sometimes it does not scramble however and the refresh happens normally).

The only thing to do after that (9/10 times) is to restart the system,

Other times I will get a message in Windows at the bottom that the display driver stopped responding and had to restart.

After I restart the machine however I could/can play any game fine for as long as I want.
Its even possible to play another game for as long as I want only I need to close the first game and quickly go into the next and so on.

If there is long enough gap between gaming sessions ie I close the game and do something normal on the machine for a while it will often refresh again and then when I start a game, the refresh happens again often ruining the display.

Recently this problem has started happening when I am just browsing the web normally (mostly on sites with lots of pics) or watching videos. Again sometimes I will get the message that the display driver needed to close and I can get by without restarting or else there is nothing to do but restart the system and ofc sometimes that refresh thingy happens properly as well.

I have had this machine for about 3 months now and procrastination (I am kind of busy too) has caused me to ignore this problem and live with it because after all the machine runs fine after a restart but then this should never be the case and I dont know what kind of damage this could be doing to the system

I have no clue what the problem is or what is causing it and what I can do to remedy it. The guy I bought the system through knows about the issue and my rig is all in waranty so I can probably get the gpu replaced or whatever but that will take days and I dont know if that is the problem. If anyone could help me understand the cause of the problem and help me get it fixed I would be very very thankful!!!

P.S For the first couple of days after buying the system I did not play any games and this thing did not happen even once in fact I am not sure but the first few times I started TS Skyrim I could play normally. I think I was on the default display driver that came on CD with the card then. I think all of this started after I updated the gpu drivers but I am not sure. I have updated drivers many times even tried the beta drivers from Nvidia and none of them have fixed my issue tho I HAVE NOT yet gone back to the default driver because I have misplaced the cd and cant remember which version was the default but then this should not happen anyway and the card should run fine with the latest drivers for it...
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  1. Install new drivers and the problem is solveD
  2. lol this is the kind of reply which one hopes they can avoid by adding a lot of info. As I have stated I have tried updating drivers a lot of times. Current version I am running is 306.23 - the latest and the greatest
  3. check if the gpu is displayed in the device manager. the gpu could also be slightly loose in the pci socket...
  4. yes it displays in the device manager and I dont think that the gpu could be loose or anything because I had my pc guy come in and reinstall the gpu on a different pci slot (the newer gen) on my motherboard and the problem has ofc continued
  5. no idea. it could be a psu or mobo issue...
  6. well i finally found the same issue elsewhere its just described differently and one of the things someone said helped them is not installing the HD audio drivers included in the latest Nvidia drivers. I did that and installed the drivers that came with my mobo for audio and so far it seems to be working
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