Antec 550w PSU

So i went to the shop where the guy makes my pc's. I had the list of everything i was told to get.

I read out the list of the PSU's i wanted and he said he could get the Antet 550w ( cost me nearly £60 )

However im not sure on the TYPE or name as i forgot to ask! I was just told on here to buy a 550w Antec PSU ... Is this going to matter or will all Antec 550w PSU's be fine with my machine?

Amd Phenom II x4 965 BE
Asrock AM3+ 970 extreme 4
Radeon Sapphire HD 7850 2gb OC edition
4 GB Vengeance Ram

Im really OCD and worry easily, So im really sorry for the amount i must bug you guys.
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  1. To be honest, any 550W Antec power supply should be able to run that system. Some are better than others, but for the most part Antec is a good and reputable brand so the build quality is generally good to very good. The lowest end Antec 550W would have no problem with that system.
  2. Sweet man, All my worries are officially over.

    I have asked this question before, But i just want to make sure.

    Will i have many issues playing games like :

    Fallout 3 / New Vegas
    War Z
    Fallern Earth

    Maybe even some bf3 and cod at the highest settings on a 1600x900 resolution?
  3. Each game will vary on what graphics setting you can run at. BF3 will probably run at lower settings with your setup. It is a VERY demanding game. You could run at medium with some other settings turned down or off. COD is not that demanding and you would be fine.

    Is this system built already or in the process, or it still in planning stages? The reason I ask is I would have suggestions on your other components if possible. Specifically the amount of RAM and CPU. I'd go with 8Gb if possible. The Phenom II CPU's are good, but have been around a while and are being phased out mostly, so I would never buy one new. I'd look at an AMD FX-6300 chip.
  4. This was the budget i had and all i could afford. I plan to get 4gb more ran soon after xmas.

    I have seen many videos of people playing BF3 on ultra with Phenom II 965 BE and my GPU..... So why wouldnt i be able too :s


    This build was reccomended by cutebeans. I tried to get the FX4100 but they didnt have it. I was originally getting a FX6100 but was told it was bad for gaming.

    The shop has ordered all the parts now and is in the process of being built. You now have me worried that this wont reach my expectations and i have spent everything i had on it.

    I also sold my xbox to pay for some of it in hope of me playing pc games instead.
  5. I would not worry yourself over it. The Phenom II is still a good chip, and would perform fine in gaming. I just personally would just go with a newer architecture if I was going with a new system. The video card will probably hold you back if anything. The 7850 is a good entry/mid level gaming card so I would expect such performance. I would not expect to sustain 60FPS at 1920x1080 resolution in B3 on Ultra. My GTX580 wouldn't run Ultra. However, it looks good even on Medium. Most games a 7850 would run just fine on modest settings.
  6. My monitor only handles a 1600x900 resolution .. so no 1080p here
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