What kind of graphics card can i put in this system?

I have a autistic brother and my parents want to keep him entertained. We have a old computer that still runs and i wanted to know what is the best sub-$100 card we could put in it with out bottlenecking. It is a pentium d at 3ghz and has 2gb ddr2 ram. He plays mostly ea-sports games and a couple sim games, and etc. the monitor resoultion is 1024x768 and also it has a 430w psu.

Thanks to anyone who can help
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  1. Somthing like a 6750 or better would work nicely.
  2. ok i was worried having a ddr3/gddr5 card and ddr2 ram
  3. Doesnt matter:)
  4. It will not matter much especially with a monitor resoultion 1024x768. At that res you should be fine.
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