HELP - Wich Video Card should i buy for my System !!!!

I need to upgrade my PC video Card ASAP !!!
I have a doubt on theese two video cards, and dont know wich to buy
-->Video Card Shappire Hd4850 512mb Ddr3 256bits
-->Geforce Zotac Nvidia Gt 630 2gb Ddr3 128bits 1333mhz / 700mh

the price are almost the same. I want to play games like Skyrim, Dark Souls, Fifa 13, Max Payne, and they dont need to be on the MAX settings !

Wich VGA should i buy ???

My PC :
Mobo: Gigabyte G31M-ES2C
processor: intel core 2 quad 6600 2.4 ghrz
vga: geforce 8400GS 1024 gb 64 bits
ram: 3 gb
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  1. The 4850 though very old is a much better card but does not support DX11.
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