Slow Connection with VPN, use Proxy?


Im using Vpn to watch movies on the internet ...
My problem is that the vpn is puplic and its slow and i cant watch the movies with my real ip ...

I found a way to do it,
connect to vpn , start movie and then disconnect the vpn while loading the video , it will be using my real internet and its fast .. but when i have to switch to other movie( changing page in the website) i get blocked because i dont have vpn and its not available in my country..

so my question is : Will the proxy be using my real internet speed ?
or its like vpn ?

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  1. Some one please?
  2. :p well, a proxy will slow down your internet speed to a degree due to having to mask your real ip, but in most cases, it won't be too bad.
  3. Be it Proxy or VPN..the speed will gets slower a bit. Now it depends which VPN or Proxy you're using. Some VPN service providers make sure that the delay is minimal and hence you don't even get to notice it..But if you ask me, I strongly believe that VPN are better than Proxies because they have better equipments at the back end if you know what I mean.Secondly, if a particular server is giving you slow speed you can always shift to another one..
  4. I use to watch BBC and speed is great, I don't like using proxy.
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