ok, so I just got an AMD Radeon HD 7770 Graphics card. I didn't pay any attention to my PSU before getting it, as I am not much of a computer guy. Anyways, on the AMD site it says it requires a 500W or greater power supply. I am not sure how many watts my psu is, but this is all of the information I got off the sticker:
Ac Input> Voltage: 110V/230V , Current 8A, Frequency 50-60 hz
Dc Output> Orange: +3.3V, 20A Yellow: +12V, 15A Blue:-12V 0.5A Red: +5V , -0.5A White: -5V, -0.5A Purple: +5Vsb, 2A

Other than that, at the top of the sticker it says: Orion P4-485.

Can anyone help me determine if my graphics card is going to work with my PSU? I've tried to make the card work, but I have to get a cord with a 6 pin prong that connects to an LP4 first as my PSU doesn't have a 6 pin.

Thanks !
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    15A on +12V is not enough.
    HD 7770 maximum power consumption is 80W-,3107-3.html
    You need a 6-pin power connecter to power the graphics card.
    Corsair CX430 or CX500 should work fine with that card.
    Link to CX430-
    Link to CX500-
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  3. Thanks ! :)
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