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I have a VGA graphics card and just downloaded directx 11 for my windows 7. I read that VGA is not compatibile with directx11. Is there anyway I can play my game using the current system? I have restarted the PC but when I turn the game on it keeps asking for directx 8.1 or higher. Please help
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  1. So the term "VGA" stands for something along the lines of "Video Graphics Adapter"

    as long as your card is newer than ATI/AMD HD5000 series, or Nvidia's GTX400 series they all support Direct X 11

    What you are referring to is a crosscheck inside the program to make sure Direct X is installed on your system and that it is updated to at least version 8.1

    if youve already installed direct x then you can forego this process

    here is the site to download the latest end user runtime
  2. HI CG Gamer, thank you or your response,
    I have already intalled the direct x 11 from the link you have enclosed.
    I have also checked that it is installed on my PC (cross check).
    How do I check that VGA is newer than ATI/AMD HD5000 series, or Nvidia's GTX400 series?
    It doesn't seem to do the trick at the moment so I can assme it's not?
  3. Download and run the freeware utility TechPowerUp GPU-Z:

    Here is an example of what you should be looking for:

  4. agreed
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