Hey guys,
Recently my Display has been locking up and I'm getting random multi-coloured, mosaic-type images that do not move. This issue is temporarily resolved upon a reboot, but it can be triggered as soon as I throw more stress at my PC(Opening a videogame) Sometimes, this problem arises after such mundane tasks as opening a browser window.(Firefox)

GTX 280
AMD Phenom quad core at 2.3GHz
8GB of RAM
Asus Motherboard, unsure of the model but 1 PCI port, 1 PCI-E port.

The games I most often play are:
World of Warcraft
Diablo 3
Crysis 2

Hoping someone knows what's going on!

Took this pic with my phone.
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  1. First, make sure your computer is free of dust. Blow the dust out of the heatsinks on the cpu, gpu and motherboard. Make sure the fans are spinning and the intakes/exhausts are clear. And check your temperatures using software. CPUID HWMonitor is free and should tell you both CPU and GPU temps. Alternatively, use CoreTemp and GPU-Z.

    If you need help interpreting temperatures, then report those temps back here trying to get an idle temp (when comp is sitting at desktop) and a load temp (when playing a game).
  2. I just discovered that - like ATI Overdrive - Nvidia does have performance management software. I've cranked the Fan speed to 100%. I'm letting my PC sit idle for a few hours to see if it eradicates our little problem. In the meantime, I'll grab the temps for the sake of discussion. Thankyou sir.
  3. your gpu is overheating
    clean your system and replace thermal paste
    make sure your case have airflow
  4. Here's what CPUID is saying. I'm a bit concerned for the 44 celcius temps on the CPU?

    What do you guys think?

    And here are the temps after 30mins of Diablo 3:

  5. try to lower the clocks
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