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Prebuilt barebones system with SSD - do they exist?

November 29, 2012 4:38:02 PM

My brother's computer is finally too slow to keep up with his porn habit. So it's time for a new computer for him. I'd rather not build one, but may have to. I'd rather have him call the computer company's tech support than me.

So I want something pretty fast for him. My thoughts are a basic quad core with a 128gb SSD 4gb ram (maybe 8gb if it's not much more) and keep it on the cheap end. He pretty much just uses it for porn browsing, MS office and Itunes. So no need for a regular HDD.
He already has the monitor, keyboard, mouse. He just needs case/PSU, processor, mobo (built in video is fine), RAM, SSD. I have an extra Windows 7 license from a 3 pack, so that's all set.

Would a prebuilt system like this even exist or will I have to just build one? BTW, I would think 128 SSD should be plenty, his current hard drive is less than that. He is on XP now, but I wouldn't think 7 would fill it up. I actually am running 7 with a 40gb ssd (and a data drive) without issues