GTX260 (x2) and nForce 750a

Allow me to begin by letting you know I have always been an Nvidia fan. Their UI has always been one of the best. Changing settings via Nvidia Control Panel has always been laid out very clean and easy to manipulate any and all options available to the user. Compared to ATI's software for changing general settings and such, I just seemed to always prefer Nvidia and as of the past few weeks that has begun to slowly change as there's apparently something very messed up with their SLI technology.

I have always found myself to be rather tech-savvy and for me to run into an issue that a few google searches couldn't fix is extremely rare. - So for this issue, and Nvidia's reputation spiraling down the drain (only because their support forums have apparently been hacked and they've been down for about a month now) I figured I would seek answers elsewhere before retiring my 2 GTX260's and this POS motherboard into the garbage to invest in something that actually works. - If there is something I've missed or overlooked I would be willing to accept the issue as my own fault but as I mentioned above I am fairly tech-savvy and for me to miss something for 3 going on 4 weeks now.... I highly doubt it's me.... must be Nvidia's failure.

So I've been searching, testing, and failing at trying to figure out why my 2 GPU's will not allow me to enable SLI in my Nvidia control panel. I have recently invested in 3 new monitors (at $140 a piece) only to find that even though Nvidia claims that the GTX 260 supports Surround, then why can't i get it to work on my system?

The problem is that I have 2 GTX260's ( - A discontinued item I purchased back in 2010 (and then another in 2011 when I first tried to hook up 3 monitors).

My motherboard ( also a discontinued item, which is supposed to be SLI ready, but is a load of BULLSHIT as I have changed every setting in the BIOS to get this crap to work, to no avail.

I first began trying this about a year ago when I first got my 2nd card, but since I had some crappy monitors and the SLI option never showed up, I figured it was the monitors themselves so I gave up. I was able to use all 3 monitors but with no SLI options for surround in any games. - Now I have purchased 3 new monitors (all of which look spectacular by the way) - - only to learn that the problem has not been resolved.

Due to Nvidia's support forums over the past month, I have decided to look for answers elsewhere (Nvidia is the only company I have not been able to look into getting help from. What kind of manufacturer closes their forums but doesn't offer any sort of phone help???? A *** company if you ask me.) so Tom's Hardware was my next option.

The links above show you the GPU's I'm using, along with the motherboard that I have. Now to explain what I have done already:

My Nvidia control panel has not shown up using any of the following Driver versions (this is also after rebooting when they were installed): 306.23, 306.02, 304.79, 304.28, 301.42, 275.33, 275.27, and 266.58! I have used all of these drivers, with all of the settings on my motherboard and nothing is working to allow me to enable SLI options in the Nvidia control panel.

My BIOS has options for Hybrid SLI, which I have tried enabling/disabling with all of the above driver versions. My motherboard also has something called "HPET" which I have tried enabling/disabling with all of the above driver versions (mind you I have been trying to get SLI to work for going on 4 weeks now). I'm ready to throw my damn computer out the window and start over investing in some better graphics cards, but $$$ is also a factor here. If I can't get some old cards to work with 2D surround, then why the hell would I invest in any other Nvidia products? - Are there any Nvidia fans out there who might have any suggestions? - Please forgive my rampage on Nvidia, they still have the best UI of any GPU manufacturer but I have past the breaking point and just too frustrated/exhausted to care any less....... :non:
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  1. Holy mother of wall text..
  2. So, your problem is you can't run SLI ?
    Next time I would keep it under 5 line of text though :lol:

    Have you considered that it could be a bad SLI bridge?
    Have you considered purchasing a Sapphire Graphics Card yet? They've never failed me :P

    judging from the reviews, it seems that it could be a terrible motherboard as well.
    tried those cards on another PC yet?
  3. Yes, I do apologize for the great wall of, Text. I was extremely aggravated and had been drinking when I wrote it. LOL

    I have 3 different SLI bridges that I've tried using in both slots. I even put 2 bridges in at one point, still no change in the control panel.

    This is my only PC that will hold 2 cards, so no I haven't had the opportunity to try another board yet. - I recently built 2 PC's for my Boss at work and was considering upgrading my own mobo, CPU, and ram to match what I selected for him. That's probably what I'll end up doing with my income tax.
  4. ^Look for a friend or something to help with it maybe?
  5. My new motherboard arrived from newegg last week.
    After reading some specs on it to be sure that it supported SLI, I went ahead and bought it. I plan to upgrade many more parts over the next few months and eventually 2 new video cards will be on the list.

    I still haven't gotten SLI to work with the 2 cards I have, but I did learn something new about one of them. Apparently one of them was sold as an "over clocked" card. Does anyone know if there's a way to return it to it's original clock speed so that I can try to SLI again?
  6. you can use overclocking utilities to downclock it though.
    as far as i know it automatically downclocks to the other card's clocks
  7. As far as I know different clockspeeds of the cards never affect sli.
    However I'm not sure if this will work or not but try plugging the monitors to one of the cards or try 2 monitors at a time on one of the cards and use the other card in sli...
  8. I think I'm misunderstanding you Anik8. I have 3 monitors total, and my goal is to successfully set up Nvidia 2D Surround. I've tried enabling SLI with only a single monitor plugged in, but the option does not appear. I've also tried enabling it with 2 monitors plugged in, no option still. - As of late, I've just been running all 3 monitors as independent screens (all are exact same settings, exact same monitors) and I have never seen an SLI option or Surround option to enable :(
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