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I'm getting ready to put my first system together and was hoping for some tips or advice.
I'm building a media playing PC and want it most of all to be quiet/cool, economical (I'm hoping to spend under $400), and small--in that order.

CPU: AMD A6-5400K> ($75)

Motherboard MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 ($60)

Memory: Crucial Ballistix 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 ($20)

Optical Drive: LG 10x Blu Ray ($50)

Hard Drive: Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 60 GB SSD ($65)

Case: Xion 710P w/ 300W PSU ($30)

Total of $300

All my media is on a file server, so storage space is not an issue.

I'm most unsure about the case/PSU, will 300W be enough? I like how small this case is, but I'm not sure about how cool it will be and if the PSU will be strong enough (Wattage calculators recommended 261W for this system, and 300 doesn't seem to leave much overhead). Am I being ridiculous or should I really be looking for a 350-400W PSU?

Also not sure about the best CPU to put in. This mobo/cpu combo seemed to give great performance per dollar but I also considered the AMD A4-3400 on the ASRock A75M-ITX FM1 AMD A75. Unless the A4-3400 will run substantially cooler/quieter than the A6-5400K, I'd rather go with the faster CPU. Is there any wisdom in using the older processor?

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  1. The only thing I would be skeptical about is the PSU, but your system does not use that much power.

    I would go with the A6, its newer tech.
  2. Doesn't leave a lot of headroom, but 261w is probably full load. I don't suspect that you'll be pinning the needle very often if its just a media center/HT PC. As long as the supply doesn't fail due to quality control issues, I think you'll be fine.
  3. Any good recommendations for quality PSUs?

    Is it wise/possible to use that same case and just replace the PSU it comes with or will I run into size issues?

    I'm considering this one now. It's labelled OEM, so what additional cables or accessories will I need (or will I need any)?

    Anyone have any other suggestions for reliable PSUs for my system?
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