This is my first time, so I hope I'm in the right thread.

I have a custom built pc with windows 7 pro 64 bit. AMD Phenom II x4 965 Processor 3.40Ghz.

RAM: 8 GB, Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 470

Motherboard: ASUS M4N75TD

The machine will not play 1080 HD video without jerking and sputtering.


Other people I talk to with less gear on a pc have no problem playing or editing full HD.

I need some help understanding what my issue might be.

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  1. What's the source for the 1080p video? 1080p from YouTube is much different than 1080p from a Blu-ray disc. Also what are you using to play the video? Do you do any sort of gaming (or other high-load activity) and if so, does that have any similar symptoms?
  2. ... seems to me like this is an easy issue. It's either your video drivers, or your internet connection.
  3. Hard to say what's causing it unless you tell us exactly what the source material is, whether it's being played off your HDD or streamed, whether a software or hardware player is being used, etc. Could be any one of a number of things.
  4. After further testing, it seems it's the files that are the problem. There's no problem with YouTube HD. There's no problem with playing BlueRay discs and ther'es no problem playing high end games. The files I'm having trouble with are .mov files that I downloaded from Footage Firm. I've downloaded both SD and HD files from them but only the HD files are giving me trouble.
    I wonder if it's possible they got corrupted on the download as I have a weak internet connection with Hughes net satelite.
    Someone else suggested using "integrated graphics". I don't know what that is.

    Thanks to everyone for your replies and suggestions.
    I still don't know how to determine if those .mov files are corrupt.
  5. the files most probably would have been corrupt. otherwise there is no reason why your 470 wouldnt be able to handle 1080p .mov files
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