Cant open nvidia control panel and other issues

My Graphics card drivers been acting weird on startup , cannot load any games period , theres lines through the startup screen however the desktop itself and other features are perfectly fine , I have uninstalled an reinstalled my display drivers and have no success. And all I want to do is get back on to GW2 and get back to what I usually do. but well also seems my direct 3d / draw / every thing is diasbled from the look of my dxdiag.

Windows XP
Nvidia 9800 GTX

not sure if the drivers are corrupted on something or possibly something else is causing this issue , help would be much , much obliged
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  1. The not being able to load Nvidia control panel would make me think that there is something wrong with netframework 3.5 however this would not account for your other problems. The lines through the startup screen would indicate a bad graphics card (sorry) which are causing the Nvidia drive not to load which is why you can't start the Nvidia control panel and all 3D functions disabled. If you check in device manager you will probably see the Microsoft default video driver.

    Time to get a new graphics card :(
  2. thank you , I also find this graphics card is loose sometimes and I still do my best to secure it properly. Also Is it possible that I didn't clean it out thoroughly enough for it to cause issues like this? Because everything else is working perfectly fine , its just that I can't load any of the games I play up ect.
    It doesn't say that under my default video driver it actually does say its there just needs a new driver??? @,@
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