How good is the GeForce GT 610 2GB 64-bit DDR3

It fits my computer and I have a good enough PSU
Will It be able to run Any COD game on medium to Low with AA off?
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  1. It's terrible, probably won't run anything. Get at least an HD 6670 if you want to run anything.
  2. ^ Agreed. The GT 610 is a card for general display or watching video it's not a gaming card at all. You may find this article useful.,3107.html
  3. Yeah agree with both comments here. That card is absolutely worthless for gaming. A Radeon 6670 or GT 640 would be the lowest you would likely want to go.
  4. It isnt for gaming, that's right but I got a friend that has it with an i7 2600 and says that guild wars 2 runs on medium settings decent. He has the MSI 2gb edition but it's not worth it.
  5. Thanks for the answers. :)
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