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Im wondering if the 80 dollars or so more that you pay are worth it when comparing the 7950 to the 7850.Im looking to finally upgrade from a 5670 and im looking for a card with a lot of longevity cause i dont upgrade gpus very often. I am mostly looking at maxing out witcher 2 and that new company of heroes game thats coming out next year.
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  1. So with the two games you're currently most interested in "maxing" out, the more important thing is to know what resolution and number of monitors you have.........
  2. Oh single monitor 1920x1080 sorry forgot to add that important information
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    Well I can tell you that COH 2 will most likely be more demanding on the CPU rather than the GPU (think Civilization series), and the Witcher 2 isn't terribly demanding at that resolution. A 7850 should suffice for your needs, but if you're looking at the 7950, no love for the 7870? The 7950 is more powerful than all 3 obviously, but it only starts to really shine with higher resolutions and/or multiple monitor setups - this right here would be the deciding factor if you think $80 is more worth it or not. Then there is the overclocking aspect, it's no secret that a 20%+ overclock isn't hard to achieve with these cards either. For the price gap alone these days (average of what seems only $20/$30), the 7870 would be a bit better if you're thinking longer term, or go with the 7950 if you think you might have bigger plans down the road.
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