Is a 450 watt psu enough for a gtx 560

Im looking for a good gpu to play battlefield 3 on and i think im going to get the gtx 560 non ti, but im not sure if 450 watts is enough for it?
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  1. What model is your PSU? What is the rating on the +12V rail(s)?
  2. I have been asked this before and i looked on my psu and it is blank, there is nothing on it. They said the psu was a cheap model made by a company that does cheap work. But i dont think this should mater that much right, im not going to use i on ultra high games, just bf3 which is a demanding game but not that bad. So would it be enough for that?
  3. No, first off I don't even think it has enough PCIE connectors. BF3 is one of the most taxing games out there.

    Get a new PSU.
  4. Any recomendations?
  5. Corsair CX500W.
  6. And all the connections to the psu are the same for all so i dont have to change any of that?
  7. Yep!
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