How about the third PCI-e x 16

I found that a lot of mother boards based on Z77 contain third PCIe 16x.

According to the Ivy-bridge CPU's specification, Z77 supports 3-way graphic card (8+4+4).

I have some questions:

1) If it just plugs a graphic card on the third PCIe x16, what the bandwidth of the graphic card in Max. ? x4 or x16?

I find that some Asus's motherboards just support PCIe2.0X16 on the third PCIe lane, how about plug a single graphic card on this lane?

2) If the third PCIe lane just support PCIe X4 at Max. , why the lane is full-length (x16)?

3)If I plug a Graphic card on the first lane and a Video capturing card on the third lane, how the about the bandwidth of the two devices?

4)I am DV fan(not crazy fan) and play the video game (ex: battle field3 ) sometimes (not enthusiast). Whether I need a motherboard which support 3 PCIe X16 lanes?

5) Please recommend some devices which need PCIe X4 even PCIe X16 lane

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  1. Who can answer the question?
  2. 1) Depends on the motherboard.

    2) PCI-E 2.0 has 1/3 the bandwidth of PCI-E 3.0, but generally modern graphics cards do not take full use of the bandwidth of 3.0

    3) If there is a video capturing device in the third slot, nothing should happen to the bandwidth of the first card.

    4) The full length is so you CAN put a GPU there if you so please.

    5) No idea what DV is.
  3. DV :Digital Video (Camcorder)
  4. kdy77k said:
    Who can answer the question?


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