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Ok all just built new computer. I have a Samsung 3d TV Monitor TA27950. Got a AMD HD7870 graphics card HDMI cable 1.4a. P9x79 Asus Board intel i73820 16g ram. So I thought as windows 8 is on its way put on the windows 8 now. Have latest drivers for card and everything else I can get. Have Lg 3d Blur ray dvd player. This comes with Power DVD 10. So problems everything works fine no probs in device manager etc. All test fine but I cant play a 3d Blu ray. and I cant get a game to work in 3d. AMD and Samsung use Tri def for this. So what's missing? Powerd Dvd tells my unable to play on this device select another one. Tri Def games disable the 3d not matter what settings I try in the software nothing works. Anyone got any ideas on how I can pinpoint what is faulty drivers, windows 8 beta, power dvd, the card all claim to be windows 8 ready. Welcome any help
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  1. download the full version of TriDef software from their website, install on top of the oem version (should work without issues), go into some settings and select the monitor as generic 3d display (or some such), try the different 3d modes till you find the one that works via hdmi 1.4a.
  2. Yep tried this can get 3d but only at 24mhz as Tri def won't accept the TA monitor tv only the SA. Annoying as it should still run at 60hz. I can get 60hz with a nvidia card. Still can't get 3d blu rays to play I'm guessing this is to do with Power dvd not recognizing the monitor properly either but it should have no effect what so ever on being able to play a movie.
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