Video card / motherboard compatibility

I have an Abit NF-M2SV Motherboard (details at ), and am looking at adding a video card.

I was looking at HIS H545H1GD1 Radeon HD 5450 Silence 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express x1 Low Profile Video Card with Eyefinity (details at ) as a possibility.

Both use the PCI Express x1 slot, but I was wondering whether I would have compatibility issues due to my motherboard using DDR2 memory and the memory type on the graphics card is DDR3. Is that a compatibility issue for video cards, and will these two items be compatible?

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    shouldn't be a problem. The two RAM's won't conflict at all since they work separately.
  2. OK - thanks!

    That is what I figured, but I wanted to make sure.

    Thanks again!
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