Dual monitor problem with Dell WS T1650 + Nvidia Quadro 2000

Hello friends,

I use Dell T1650 workstation. It has Quadro 2000 graphic card.

I was using 1 VGA monitor with a DVI-VGA converter.
Now I need 2 monitors, I'm tring to connect an other VGA monitor. Quadro 2000 has display port, using displayport-DVI-VGA converter, 2nd monitor is black screen.

Do you think serial 2 converters connected cause this problem?

How can I use 2 monitors with this hardware?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. NVIDIA Control panel gives this topology:

  2. As far as i can see, your monitor has a DVI port. Why do you use VGA adapters? You may get the second one to work, if you select the port on the monitor, instead of letting it autoselect the input.
  3. It looks like they are both connected and working, I think you just have to activate the second monitor. Nvidia control panel should have a sub category labeled - Set up multiple displays. From here you should be able to activate and configure both monitors.
  4. Thank you for answers,

    my monitors does not support DVI, both are VGA.

    And multiple display activated. It seems no error with drivers or configurations. But 2nd monitor wont work.

    while restarting system, 2nd monitor is allways black. This shows problem is with the hardware.

    Repating this part;
    on DisplayPort, there is 2 converters serial connected. DisplayPort~DVI, DVI~VGA.

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