Crashing after new hardware/continue to crash reinstalling old hardwar

I've had this computer for about a year now. New machine I built for gaming. It has ran perfectly, it has never crashed once.
I just got a new graphics card, for it was the last item that I used from my old machine and it needed an upgrade. In order to power a newer model well, I needed to get a new power supply as well.

This will be long, but I'm just giving as many details as I can. Telling each step I did.

First I uninstalled all drivers, downloaded the new ones I would need. Reset, shut down. Installed said new graphics card and power supply. Start to install the drivers for the new card and my system just instantly turned off. I tried again, it would just freeze at the windows loading screen. Had to load windows on low resolution mode to install drivers. reset, everything was looking good. Loaded up a video game. had 4fps no matter if I was on low or high settings. closed the game. ran windows system assessment. computer instantly turned off again with no error messages. It loaded back up with no problems. The video card ran websites and videos just fine. Just could not run any games with any smoothness no matter the settings. I then left the computer on all night with no problems.

After that I uninstalled drivers. and Re-installed custom: clean install. Loaded up a game starting with low settings. 140+ fps and everything ran very smooth. changed to higher settings but not maximum. fps shot down to 5-20 fps. changed back to low settings, the fps stayed at 5-20. note that my old video card was a 128-bit 1G GDDR3. this new card is an 256-bit 2G GDDR5 and my old card blows this out of the water ;/

After from that moment. the video card never even worked well on websites. it would slow down. and eventually my computer would instantly shut off with no errors. I then took out the video card. the instant shutting off continued. changed out to my old original power supply with my old video card. would still shut down. took out video card and used on board video. still shut off.

Starting from then my computer now instantly shuts down when it tries to load windows. with my original power supply and video card that I never once had any issues with at all.
the error message I get says "windows failed to start. a recent change of hardware or software may be the cause"
It tries to run system restore to no avail
I have no option to run in safe mode.
If I load BIOS the computer will eventually shut itself off anyway within a couple minutes.
My CPU is not overheating

I have a windows 7 CD available, but I'm worried if I re-install that it will just keep crashing anyway. Am looking for the real cause of the problem, what I did wrong. and how to fix it
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  1. this is either a mother board or CPU problem. I don't have the resources to test them on other machines right now. would anyone know which one it is by the description?
  2. i'm using on board graphics, so I know its nothing to do with the graphics card. on board with my mother board is only supported through the CPU so I doubt its the CPU.
    still crashes with the hard drive not plugged in. it makes no beeps.

    I can only assume its the motherboard now
  3. update.

    on board graphics no longer work.

    no longer even recognizes windows on the hard drive and asks for proper boot device when selecting it.

    computer will stay on for hours now at the asking for a booting device screen. clearly ruling out faulty power supply.

    can anyone give any advice as to what went out for the computer to keep shutting off and never giving any error messages? I live in the middle of no where and have no other system to test stuff on. and not 100% positive as to what to replace. i suspect motherboard. but it could be RAM or CPU as well ;/
  4. update.

    every time i turn on. its random if it will even read the dvd drive or hard drive. have tested hard drive on separate conputer with 0 issues running fine.
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