New build won't stay shut off

I just built a new PC and it won't stay shut off! I'll turn it on like normal and it POSTs and boots to windows 7, but when i shut it down, 5 seconds later it will reboot itself. EVERY time, never fails. Last night it rebooted a couple of times too, but i wonder if it was just updating itself or something because today it was fine about staying on. add on speaker makes no beeps. Here are my relevant specs...

ASRock Z75 Pro3 LGA 1155
GSkill 8x2GB 1866 DDR3 RAM
Gigabyte Windforce GTX 670
Corsair TX650
Cooler Master Elite 431 plus

Here's what I've tried to remedy the situation...

Unplug and replug everything back in.
Exchange power supplies with a known working one.
Ensure that all motherboard standoffs are in correct places and only the correct places.
Remove GPU and use IGP.
Reinstall Windows.
Manually short mobo power button pins and shut down without that cable plugged in.
Exchange RAM sticks with known working sticks/try different slots.
Ensure that BIOS/Device manager power management settings don't have "WOL" settings enabled.
Reset CMOS.
Changed power cable.
Make sure power button fully engages and disengages.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. Well the only think that I can think of would be is that the motherboard is bad.
  2. Check +- in power switch is properly connected
  3. I got it figured out! Finally! I cleared the cmos again for like a minute, unplugged everything, plugged in the components one by one, did another restore, and it now it doesnt turn itself back on anymore. I dont get it, but hey whatever works lol.
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