Weird problem with 2x 580 SLI, 1 card randomly stops working?


I finally caved and have decided to ask for help.

I have 2x GTX 580, in SLI... whilst playing games, usually world of tanks or guild wars 2, after about an hour or so of play, one of my cards just randomly stops doing any work. :|

Looking in nVidia Inspector, I can see the graph for "GPU0" sits dead still at 15% GPU usage, or whatever usage the GPU happened to be on at the time. - and my FPS practically halfs, so you can easily tell that 1 card has stopped doing any work.

Now the wierd part comes when I try to isolate the problem and stress test each card individually.

I ran both a TessMark and a FurMark (Furmark is rubbish btw, as the nvidia drivers throttle the cards) on each card individually (without the other card plugged in), and they both passed with flying colours!

Temperatures his a maximum of 78c, the GPU utilization was at 99%, both core and voltage were at 100% (not throttled), and they both happily ran like this for almost an hour without any sign of messing up.


So, the cards aren't at fault? - I've already swapped the SLI link cable for a brand new one out of the packet, so it can't be that.

I need to re-run my testing but using the other PCIE slot on the motherboard, in case it's a PCIE slot error. - however the motherboard is quite literally only 1 month old...

if it's not the motherboard at fault, the only 2 things I can think of next is that either my OS is completely screwy, or my PSU can't handle both cards running in SLI at full load?

however this problem doesn't appear always, I mean it -does- appear at least within an hour or two, every time I turn my PC on, but after restarting it usually goes away until tomorrow,.. sometimes it comes back again. - so what, my PSU can handle the cards perfectly fine, until the system his a random interval that requires juuuust a bit more power than usual which makes my PSU trip out? I don't know.

Hence why I've come here! - do any of you have any suggestions?
is my 750watt PSU too low for my system?
have you had this problem before and how did you fix it?

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  1. we need to see all your specs to decide if 750watt is enough, to check your self =

    what driver version are you on? Have you tried to default the settings in Nvida Control Panel?
  2. Hello, sorry I forgot to add my system spec ;D

    Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 Motherboard
    i7 2600K @ 4400MHZ +0.015v
    2x nVidia GTX580 (SLI)
    16gb (4x4gb) Corsair DDR3 1600MHZ
    2x Corsaid C300 SSD (Raid 0) (Windows 7)
    1x SATA HDD 2TB (Data)
    1x SATA HDD 3TB (Virtual Machines)
    1x Blue Ray / DVD-R
    Corsair Hydro H60 Water Cooling
    1x PCIE X1 Wifi/Blue Tooth NIC
    Mouse, Keyboard.
    750Watt Thermaltake Smart M750W 80 PLUS Bronze PSU

    I punched everything into that power supply link you gave me and it spat out "Recommended: 717w" @ 90% usage.

    so my PSU shoooould be good enough,
  3. Okay so I've replaced my power supply with a corsair AX850, so it's not the power supply as I have more power than I need and it's from a top quality supply.

    However I am -STILL- getting this problem... it's especially apparent in Guild Wars 2, i'm running around fighting and my FPS will drop from 60, down to 30. (and it's really noticeable!)

    Heeeeeelp! any other ideas? ;(
  4. Have you tried different games and different drivers yet, with and without the CPU OC?
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