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Okay so I'm getting ready to build my first PC (keep in mind I will be coming from a dedicated graphics card on a 2009 iMac to this) and I would like some input on which combination of cpu/gpu will provide me with the best fps/playability with good settings at 1920 x 1024:

I3-3220 and radeon 7850
I5-3450 and radeon 7770

I'm thinking that an i5 would be better to start off with because I could upgrade the graphics card in a year or so.
(I plan on playing sc2, gw2, d3, wow, skyrim, maybe some bf3)
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  1. It's best if you use this format to ask for new build advice. Specifically we absolutely need to know your budget and purpose of build, what games you play.

    *How to Ask for New Build or Upgrade Advice*
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    for 1080p, definitely 7850.

    You might consider the AMD FX-6300 over the i3. It's got 6 slower cores compared to the 2 fast ones in the i3. It does as well at gaming as the i3, but the 6 cores really help for other tasks like video editing, etc. Only downside is it uses an extra 35W of power.
  3. I would save up or wait for a deal and get a 7850 and an i5 2500k, Those two combos would most likely bottleneck eachother.
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