How can I benchmark Crysis 2 minimum frame rates on an HD 7970?

Hello, please excuse this question as it's probably been answered before.

I'm trying to find out how to benchmark and graph framerates in Crysis 2 on my HD 7970. The Crysis 2 timedemos included in the game apparently need additional software. Adrenaline has some timedemos but I haven't been able to graph the results. Is there a simple solution for this? Or what packages would I need to combine to get graphed results, with more than the three timedemos included in Adrenaline, and how would they be combined?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just use FRAPS. You can benchmark anything with it and record min/max/average fps.
  2. Thanks BigMac70. I've heard of Fraps, but never tried it. To celebrate, I'll go to my favorite Irish steakhouse and order your namesake.
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