Gigabyte 7850OC crashing??

Hey all, so on some advice here and research i built myself a new gaming computer a few months back.

Cpu : i5 3570k
CPU cooler : Noctua NH-C12P SE14
Mobo : ASROCK Z77 Extreme 4
Ram : Gskill sniper 2x 4gb
PSU : XFX Core Edition 750w
GPU : Gigabyte 7850OC Windforce
Case : Coolermaster Silencio
SSD : 64gb OCZ Agility 3 (boot)
HDD : WD Scorpio Black 500gb
and a TP link wireless card

Anyway so she seems to run fine under normal operation, but if i play a game it will invariably crash.

Usually this presents as a plain black screen or a beige/tan slightly striated screen and the only thing i can do is reset the computer.
Occasionally the fan will rev up to max too.

Ive run furmark gpu benchmark and temps even out at about 72*C at max

Ive also run Memtest with no worries and Prime95 for the cpu

All tests complete with no worries and no crashes.

But when i play a game ie The Witcher 2 there is a large amount of artifacts/tearing in the graphics and then it will crash.
Skyrim will run perfectly for some time before randomly crashing.
D3 or DOTA2 will play for anywhere between 10 min and 2 hours with no worries. There are occasional artifacts in both these games too though.

All my graphics drivers are updated to the most recent and i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers plus i reseated the card and tried moving it to a different slot.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated before i send the card back!
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  1. Do you have another computer to try the card in by chance?
  2. No i dont, what are you thinking it may be?
  3. Hi

    I'd recommend you run a GPU Memory test its like memtest86 for your GPU. Majorgeeks have one that works good and is free for home use, its called Video Memory Stress Test 1.7.116

  4. Alrighty, GPU memtest completed, 0 errors found. what next?
  5. Try Afterburner and downclock to the reference card speed...

    It could be bad factory O.C. setting
  6. Alrighty, ill give that a shot. Cheers mate
  7. URGENT!
    Ok so guys i ran furmark last night to burn the GPU in and some time during the night some *** went down.

    I turned on my monitor this morning to see that "windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" msg

    But the computer was completely locked up.

    I hit reset and now the computer locks up repetedly requiring a hard reboot every 1-10 minutes. this is different to before in that there is no black screen or anything, now the screen simply freezes staying exactly as it was before.

    help help help! how did burning it mess my computer up like this?!
  8. Furmark is not something I like to recommend. It heats up the card way way too much and stresses it in ways that a regular game or so would not.

    Are you able to boot into Windows? Try to re-seat the card.
  9. Yeah i can get into windows for a limited amount of time - till it freezes

    The card has always stayed below 73*C or so when running furmark and i read that some people like to "burn" cards in or whatever to make sure its all connected nicely lol.

    I've just changed slots the cards in, and its crashed twice since ive been trying to write this msg. im going to remove the card entirely next and run it off the intel cpu graphics. do you think its likely to be the gpu? or has something else messed up?
  10. sorry for bad grammar and spelling btw im trying to write as fast as i can =D
  11. Ok so i think im in the *** now, Ive removed the GPU, running the monitor via the intel CPU graphics and the computer is still freezing =/

    Somehow running furmark has made the rest of my computer freak out =/

    Anyone who can help me fix this will be worshipped as the next messiah =D
  12. Looks like PSU problems, only thing furmark effect except the GPU is the PSU... (as far as i know)

    Since it The GPU draw max power when running furmark, try check the PSU...
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    Sounds like a driver issue to me. Uninstall the Radeon drivers and reinstall them.
  14. Cheers for all the help fellas, looks like it was the drivers after all, though i dont know why they randomly started messing up. I couldnt run the computer long enough to uninstall the drivers so i ended up doing a clean wipe. upon reinstalling the drier the problem started up again so i had to again wipe and reinstall windows haha. Im now running some older drivers =)

    Lets see if the GPU crash still happens when i reinstall some games lol

    Again, thanks a tonne fellas =D
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  16. Glad I could help! I had the same problem with my 8800GT awhile back, and I couldn't figure out what it was until I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Turned out it was a corrupt driver.

    Also, don't run any more Furmark. Try a different benching program.
  17. Hahah yeah, its not being reinstalled =P.

    Sttill trying to figure out why the gpu crashes tho lol
  18. Does the GPU crash with the new drivers?
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