GTX 670 slight texture flickering

Hey guys! I just had a question that will probably turn out to be a non issue.

I upgraded my computer from a GTX 570 SC to a GTX 670 FTW a few weeks ago. No real problems at all that I've noticed or anything.

Except that recently, as in the past day, I've noticed that occasionally there will be some texture flickering going with atleast two of my games (Starcraft II, Dawn of War 2: Retribution). This only occurs when there is substantial texture overlay happening on screen, and it only applies to the textures being stacked.

For instance, in SC2 if a whole ball of banelings blow up the green 'goo' in some places may flicker. With my 570 I don't recall this happening and my brother (whom I gave the card too) confirms that it isn't like that for him in the very same match.

With DOW2 it only really happens with the paldron textures on the Ork armor.

Anyway, its kind of small but I was just wondering if this is kind of normal for a brand new card and that I should just wait until some newer drivers hit. Or if this is indicative that something is slowly going wrong with the card?
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    I get some texture flickering in Unigine 3.0 and in BF3 but its barely noticeable. My cards are solid with no artifacts even under Furmark. Try using a stress program, this is most probably a driver issue however or game coding. A bad card will usually freeze your game and have massive amount of verticle or horizontal artifacts.
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  3. Thanks man.
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