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I just upgraded my dell inspiron 546 pc's graphics card with a EVGA Geforce GT 640 graphics card, now I have the monitor working and I'm able to see the desktop however everytime I go to install the graphics drivers with the cd it's saying Graphics installation failed.

My specs are:
Inspiron 546
AMD phenom (tm) 9750 quad-copre processor 2.40 ghz
6.00 gb
64-bit OS

I also upgraded my power supply to 520 W earlier today prior to the installation of the graphics card. Any help for getting the drivers to install would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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  1. Go to nvidia and download the latest drivers from their website and try those. Driver CDs are almost always outdated and as you can see don't always work.
  2. Download the newest drivers from Drivers on CD are typically outdated.
  3. I tried downloading direct from the website and that also said failed. I also popped out my graphics card and repopped it back in. My device manager is seeing the graphics card but I can't get the drivers installed.
  4. Make sure the previous graphics card's drivers have been removed. If it was an AMD/ATI then use the Catalyst Uninstall program to uninstall the old drivers. Even if it was an nvidia card previously, uninstall the nvidia graphics drivers. You can also use a program like Driver Sweeper and have it remove ONLY graphics drivers (nvidia or AMD/ATI). Once the old drivers have been uninstalled, reboot the system and try again to install the latest from nvidia.
  5. yeah they are completely uninstalled. In my device manager it's showing display adapters "Standard vga adapter" and not the card, so i'm stumped at this point. I'm going to try and reinstall the whole graphics card and see what happens, maybe it's not in all the way.
  6. Silly question, but is the monitor plugged into the card? Or is it plugged into the motherboard's integrated?
  7. it's plugged into the card. I had to use a dvi-a connector to my vga cable.
  8. Well, at this point, maybe someone else has a suggestion but I'd try the card in a different computer. Is that something you can do?

    The card seems to be functioning properly since it displays windows desktop normally... you just can't get either version (CD or newest from website) of nvidia drivers to finish installing. And you've removed any previous drivers. Odd. You might try a previous driver (like the next older version from the newest) but I dunno. Maybe EVGA has a suggestion. Personally, I'd see if it worked in a different machine and go from there.
  9. I can't put the card in a different machine, but thanks for your help. I don't even know if my computer is even recognizing the card to begin with because in display adapters in my device manager is "standard vga adapter" not nvidia or anything else.
  10. If the card is outputting windows to your monitor then it sees the card. Standard VGA Adapter just means it's communicating with the card using its built-in legacy driver which is very simplistic by nature. What is odd is that the drivers won't install.
  11. ahh that makes sense, I'm new to all this graphics card stuff and this was my first install of one so I'm trying to see if maybe I missed something on the motherboard when I put the new power supply in. I'm not sure if it will help but i'm running a diagnostic on my computer from the dell website to see if something is being missed.
  12. You could also make sure your computer's motherboard BIOS is up-to-date. Check at the Dell support website and make sure you put in your exact computer and follow all their instructions for updating the BIOS (but only if necessary - follow their instructions for finding out if your BIOS even has an update).
  13. dcx said:
    I'm trying to see if maybe I missed something on the motherboard when I put the new power supply in.

    The EVGA 640 cards i saw don't require any additional power connectors. Make sure yours doesn't, it would have a single 6-pin connector somewhere on the card if it needed it.
  14. Nope, my card doesn't have any additional power connectors. Diagnostic came back with nothing wrong, and I was able to do a BIOS update but it's still failing to install drivers, so I'm absolutely stumped.
  15. You are downloading the driver file from nvidia and then running it (double-clicking it) right? You aren't trying to update the driver using "update driver" in device manager or trying to use Windows Update to update the driver? You want to run the downloaded file. Just figured I'd ask since you are new to upgrading.
  16. yeah I was downloading direct from nvidia and then running it. I spoke with an nvidia rep and they said it's probably something wrong with the card, so I'm taking it back to best buy for a replacement and hoping a new card will solve the issue.
  17. Are you sure you have the right driver version?(Out of 64 and 32bit) I couldnt get my drivers to install once just cause of this silly little problem
  18. Yeah, I was trying to install the correct driver version. I'm actually having a similar issue now with a completely different video card. I traded out the nvidia for a Radeon HD6750, but now while I'm trying to install the drivers it comes back with an error message "Driver Failed: INF file not detected" I've tried numerous solutions from downloading older software versions, running the setup in a compatibility mode, updating the driver manually from the device manager. I'm really at a loss, I'm starting to think I will just have to reinstall windows 7 to get anything to work correctly. But if anyone has any more solution possibilities, I'll try anything. (yes the power supply is connected on the new graphics card)

    Specfically the AMD log says these are what are failing to install

    "AMD Display DriverFinal Status: Fail
    Version of Item: 8.982.0.0000
    Size: 90 Mbytes
    HDMI/DP Audio DriverFinal Status: Fail
    Version of Item:
    Size: 1 Mbytes "
  19. Well, you've at least confirmed it isn't a problem with either card's hardware and it isn't really a problem with either driver package. Try disabling any anti-virus auto-protect when installing the drivers.
  20. did you ever find a solution to your problem? i just bought the same geforce gt 640 from best buy and am having the exact same issues. were you finally able to get your new card installed?
  21. Try steps described here:
    I solved very hard and stupid problems with bugs of the installation pack with this simple workflow. It takes 10 sec. Install like a charm.
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