Do you guys think this build is good???

Ok hey guys, I am going to be putting together my first Gaming pc!

I was just going to ask you guys on any thoughts about it, and any MINOR changes.

Note that CPU overclocking is no intention for me and I will being doing crossfire in the future.

So here is the list:

Note I am in australia.

Thanks in advanced guys,

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  1. Yes its Ok , but no its not OK , OK

    The H77 motherboard is not really suitable for crossfire . The second pci-e x16 slot only runs at x4 speed. Which will choke the second graphics card
  2. Stamp of approval. (Though I don't care for many of your choices, they're still solid.)
    However, if you want to do crossfire, don't. :P
    Get one single, better card, for two reasons:
    One - an h77 board will bottleneck a second card.
    Two - Xfiring a 7870 is barely on the borderline of what would be beneficial. Crossfire with low-end cards simply isn't worth it because of the fact that about half the games out there don't support it, it doesn't actually double performance, and it's got a LOT of issues compared to one card.

    I'd recommend sticking with what you have, and, when you have more money, selling the 7870 and buying a good card from the 8k series that'll be out by then.
  3. The Gigabyte 7870 is cheaper and has a better cooler.

    @DarkSable - the 7870 isn't a low-end card. :P Though I agree getting a single powerful GPU is always the better choice.

    What Outlander said about the H77 Pro4/MVP is true as well, the PCI-E 2.0 @ x4 will bottleneck, "real" Crossfire support in ASRock boards start with the Extreme3.
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