Help with BSOD possible gfx card overheat

Everytime i play 2k13 my computer blackscreens during the 2nd or 3rd quarter
All the fans are running but theres no feed on my monitor.
It only happens when i play 2k13. But when i play skyrim i can go on for maybe 2hours (i dont play much skyrim). I just bought a new computer, picked the parts myself. I can play straight with the AC on.

Pc specs:
Cpu: AMD FX6100 3.9ghz OCed
MOBO: msi 760gm p23 (built specialy for fx chips)
RAM: 4gb corsair xms3 ddr3
Graphics: powercolor hd7770 1gb DDR5 (less than a week old)
Harddrive: WD blue 1.0tb sata
PSU: FSP HEXA he500 500w
OS: windows 7 ultimate 64bit
I downloaded and installed the beta drivers for the card

Bought the mobo cpu and ram just last month, used my old palit 9500gt 1gb ddr3 for about 2 weeks before i upgraded to the hd 7770, had no problems with the 9500 except for medium graphics.

I assume the BSOD is caused by the hd7770 overheating but its not that hot, doesnt even go over 50 degrees celsius and it works fine on skyrim. I cant piece the puzzle here. Is it the game? Or is it the graphics card? Maybe shouldnt have bought that card.

posting this with my iphone. Sorry for any incorrect spelling
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  1. If it does not go over 50C its not overheating by a long shot it can run at 90+
  2. So why is it that i can only play straight if the airconditioning is on or if the fan is next to my computer?
  3. Check your temps again running the OCCT graphics card stress test if its fine try the CPU test.
  4. Ok. Will do that in the morning. Thanks for the reply :)
  5. not temps above 44 degrees, cpu usage just peaked 36%, didnt stress anything. :/
  6. If you have an overclocked Bulldozer, that would be the obvious suspect for temperature issues. Download prime95 and HWmonitor and run a stress test while watching CPU temps.

    Or just drop CPU back to stock and game as normal and see if that helps.
  7. Brought the clockspeeds back to 3.3ghz. Still blackscreen. The card just stops working. The cards fan is off when i get a blackscreen but the other fans are on. Cpu temps never go above 50. I dont know how to check the cards temp.
  8. HWmonitor can check the GPU temp, too.
  9. Last temp i checked was 63 before the blackscreen. Only the first quarter
  10. 63 shouldn't be that bad. I would try removing the drivers and re installing with the version that shipped with your card.
  11. alright, will do after class,
  12. The fan should never be off. You can enable temp logging with I think GPUz. Make note of the temps while in game, also the VRM temps as core temps don't "seem" like they would be a problem.
  13. I also suspect possible power issues, even though 500w should be plenty. You've got the power cable plugged into the GPU, right? Just to check the obvious.
  14. alright, so i took out then put back in my card, took note of the 6pin cable at the back, it fits perfectly, uninstalled the new driver and installed the stock drivers which came with the box. hopefully this will work
  15. no progress still black screen in the middle of the first quarter.
  16. Try playing other games. Like the ones you used to play when you were still using your 9500GT and see if your problem still occurs :) Just to diagnose if it is your game which is at fault (2k13).
  17. That might be, and try using Furmark on max settings for atleast 5 to 10 minutes.
  18. i play with my fan turned on to max next to my computer, and just completed one game, so far no black screens with this approach, highest temp for the card was 68, no blackscreens yet,

    cant really check my temp when playing normally cause i cant tell when the blackscreen will happen
  19. i played ModernWarfare 3 and skyrim with this card and the 9500, all runs exceptionialy great, all on ultra hight, maybe this card and that games just dont mix, like how other games perform better with nvidia cards.
  20. My gpuz option logs the temps into a text file in real time and saves it every so many seconds so when you do crash you will be able to see the temperatures afterwards in the text file.
  21. okay. will try that
  22. the temperature right before it failed again was 64 degrees
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