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Pirated windows 7 question

I'm building a new pc and i hav a burned copy of windows 7. wen i insert the cd in my laptop it runs it and opens a window saying 'install now' 'check compatibility online' etc. if i use this as the os for my new pc (motherboard) is there any chance something could screw up? idm if it just doesnt work and i can still install a different os (cd) but if it doesnt work and i cant install an os. thats an issue. thanks!
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  1. when Microsoft flags the copy as pirated, you can still go to the store, buy a legal copy and install that. Or check out Ubuntu, it's free, no stealing needed.
  2. nvalhalla said:
    when Microsoft flags the copy as pirated, you can still go to the store, buy a legal copy and install that. Or check out Ubuntu, it's free, no stealing needed.

    i think i will be good if i get to the windows desktop and can log in cause ill be using removeWAT but im nt confident that the installer will work.

    btw i wont be needing a serial key right? i just leave it blank?
  3. This thread should be closed thankyou, to the poster go and buy a legit copy of windows please, here on toms piracy is condoned by most of us.
  4. Not sure talking about pirated windows so openly is cool. I suspect you could find all this information pretty easily with a google search anyways.
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    Yup, should be closed. This is a legit forum so we don't help people use hacks and cracks. Go buy a copy of windows.
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