New graphic card recommendation for HTPC

Hi all,

I'm looking for graphic card recommendation for a HTPC and would appreciate any help I can get.

The PC is a three year old HP, being converted to a HTPC. The specs are as follows

- E5200
- 4 gigs of RAM
- 250 or 300 W PSU depending on which documentation you believe (I'll assume 250).
- 1.1 PCI-E 16X
- onboard video

The main reason for looking to add a graphic card is to have an HDMI output and also to do dual output (one for HDMI and one for VGA to a monitor which acts as a small TV when I play XBOX)

I've been reading around and seems like GT 430 and AMD 6570 both look like a good choice for a HTPC (similar in price as well).

But I was also wondering if spending a little extra for cards like 6670 or 7750 (or something else in the 7000 series) would have any meaningful improvements for the system. My main priorities are (1) dual output to HDMI and VGA; (2) video encoding (although, if I understand correctly, encoding is almost exclusively CPU dependent, in which case, I can use my laptop instead, as it has a better CPU); and (3) light gaming if possible, but not major deal (with the CPU and the ram, I'm not sure improvement to the GPU will make any difference in gaming).

I am willing to upgrade the PSU for better stability (just not trusting the stock PSU in the HP) so if power consumption becomes an issue, I can remedy that issue.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Graphics card such as 6670 and 7750 is considered a big jump in performance compared to integrated graphics from intel.
    Both of these cards will play light games just fine.
    GT 430 and AMD 6570 is also fine for HTPC purposes.
    Upgrading the power supply should be easy and you can be sure the system will be in good condition in the long run with better power supply.
  2. With my cpu and ram, is there a point of going with 7750 as opposed to 6670 or will cpu end up being the bottleneck in gaming performance?
  3. If you only have a 250w PSU then I would only recommend the Radeon HD 6570.

    If you have a 300w PSU then go with the Radeon HD 7750.
  4. If 7750 will make an appreciable difference even with my set up, then i'm willing to upgrade the psu. Will 6670 require a new psu as well?
  5. Yes, the HD 6670 will also need a 300w PSU because while it is slower than the HD 7750, it also uses about 4w - 5w more power under full load.
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