My Computer Build: Is it Compatible?

My Computer Build: Is it Compatible?

Processor:3rd gen core i5-3470

Motherboard :ASUS P8 B75 M LX

RAM :4GB DDR3 1600Mhz (G.skills)

VGA card: Msi NVIDIA GTX 560ti HAWK 1GB DDR5

PSU: Cooler Master 450W
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  1. yes it is ...
  2. Compatible, yes, but your Crappermaster PSU is not probably not sufficient for a GTX560Ti unless it is the GX-450, one of the very few CM PSUs that passes competent technical reviews. If it's anything else, you'll need to replace it.
  3. Thanks guys for helping me out

    will a 500W PSU support my gtx 560 ti?
  4. Yes, assuming it is a quality unit such as anything built by Seasonic (their own, most if not all XFX, some Antec), new FSP, Enermax/LEPA, Delta or FSP-built Antec, and Superflower-built Rosewill and Kingwin.
    Personally, I buy Seasonic or Antec PSUs, although I just ordered a Seasonic-built PC Power and Cooling unit.
  5. Thanks dude for helping me out.
    Am probably gonna buy a antec VP550 PSU.....
  6. That's built by Delta, and should be decent.
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