Which 7970 to go with?

I am having a difficult time figuring out which 7970 to go with.
I've pretty much narrowed it down to these two cards.




My price range is almost strictly $400.
I am tempted to buy the gigabyte version of the 7970 cards as I have built two of my friends recent builds with both 6870s and those cards are running real strong.
Currently I am using a 5830 which doesn't cut it for 1920x1080 anymore.
A friend of mine bought the sapphire 6870 and he is very pleased with it currently.
I used to own a visiontek 3850 a while back and didn't run in to problems running ATIs drivers.

How is VisionTek doing these days with stability?
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  1. I'd get the sapphire as the VisionTek doesn't have the higher memory that most Ghz edition 7970's have. The Sapphire card is better quality too. If you want even better performance you can even overclock the Sapphire card to outperform the VisionTek.
  2. I woulfd go with the cheaper one unless the more expensive on has substantially higher clocks.
  3. Well i would go for Visiontek for selfish reasons.....I think they are a great company and all my cards have been Visiontek lol
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