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Hello Guys ,
i want ask a question:
i've GTS 450 So i can Give it to some one and he will give me GTS 250 - 7300GS - HyperX 4GB Ram
But the problem , i've 2nd pc and i ll do that Change for it
PC Spec (2) :
Pentium 4 640 3.2GHZ , 2MB Cache
Motherboard GENX 945 Working on Integrated VGA
Kingston 1GB 667MHZ DDR2
So i want ask here the main question:
Change the GTS 450 to:
1- GTS 250 and Core 2 Duo E4300 with my 1GB Ram
2- 4GB Ram and 7300GS 256 and GTS 250 ?
or get the First Choice and wait some time and buy core 2 duo :) ?
What will be better for me?
(I ll use the pentium 4 PC as Server and playing pc at the same time)
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  1. That'd be a downgrade, the 250 is much older.
  2. http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m304/staryoshi/GTS%20450%20Review/Batman.png

    The 450 is the more powerful card isn't it?

    I would keep it and save to upgrade the proc later
  3. so leave the GTS 250 and 7300gs and 4GB Ram and core 2 duo for the gts 450 ?
    or get them by changing the gts 450 ?
  4. Keep the 450.
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