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can graphic cards like asus 560ti,7850,570 run on my pc specs are cpu-pentium dual core e5700 3ghz.seasonic 520 watts.asus mother board(good one).I have only 1 problem that will my processor be able to run these graphic cards.and whether these cards can run battlefield 3 at ultra with playable fps.please help thanku
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  1. what res are u playing at
  2. 1366x768
  3. where do u live ?
  4. i thought i aksed about graphic cards but still i live in goa(India)
  5. I think you can run any graphics card with a minimum of a 500W power supply, so you're good. Your processor should be fine as well.
  6. what about the processor getting bottlenecked??
  7. idiotacp said:
    what about the processor getting bottlenecked??

    Nothing in your setup would be bottlenecked.
  8. r u sure??
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