New PC wont post, no beep, no display, no usb, fans and lights work

I just put together my new PC and it will not POST, no beeps, no display, and the usb ports do not work. My cdrom will open and close, all fans and lights work properly. Even the cpu fan which is connected directly to the mobo.



CPU AMD|FX8350 AM3+ 4.0G

MEM 8Gx2|GSKILL F3-1600C9Q-32GSR

Some noteable things during.installation:

Plugged the pcie 6+2 into my mobos 8pin 12v and booted up on accident.
My ram is 1600 which is by default an.overclock for my mobo

I have a lot of fiddling to do when i get home from work, wondering if anyone can give me a clue as to what this might be.. and where i can start.

As much info as possible would be greatly appreciated. Paypal donation to anyone who puts me on the right track.

Thanks much!
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  1. Hi,The CPU requires a BIOS update:
    You'll have to use a supported CPU for updating the BIOS.
  2. I've never heard of a BIOS producing these symptoms. I would disconnect the HDD and the optical drive and then use one stick of SUPPORTED RAM in each of the slots to see if it will POST. You might also try using a known good PSU. Your biggest problem is that all this stuff is new and you don't know if any of it works. It's also possible that more than one thing is bad.
  3. "I've never heard of a BIOS producing these symptoms. "

    The board will not POST if the BIOS is older than P1 50 that is required by the FX 8350.

    "It will not POST, no beeps, no display, and the usb ports do not work"

    Simply said, it doesn't POST and this would happen when using a CPU that is not supported by the board's BIOS.
  4. Well, should i just get a piece of *** am3+ cpu to upgrade bios?

    Could it be the 1600 ram being an overclock for the.mobo?

    I feel like everything should be working fine, never had this problem before though..
  5. Yes, check the CPU Support List. Try borrowing one from a friend, or try at a local PC shop.
    You can also replace the BIOS chip with one programmed with the latest BIOS, if the chip is on socket and not soldered.

    EDIT: It is on socket. You can find BIOS chips on ebay ( ).

    The RAMs will probably run by default at 1333.
    1600 might be considered an overclock (you'll have to manually set the values in BIOS).
  6. Okay, so i will be making the hour long drive to frys electronics after work today and need some clarification please.

    They have these 3 things..

    Athlon x2 270
    Phenom 2 965

    Asus m5a97 LE r2.0 amd

    If i just buy the mobo will it work with my current fx cpu? Or will i run into the exact same.problem?

    I know the athlon and phenom work with my current asrock mobo, but if im going to be driving for 2+ hours, i want to be sure my PC wil be up and running this weekend. Im very impatient.. lol

    Basically what im should i get just the asus mobo? Or just the cpu? Or both?

    Im kind of worried the asrock mobo is a piece of ***, been hearing lots of bad reviews about it being DOA.. and i hope this isnt the case for me.

    Just trying to dot my ts and cross my i's.. ;)
  7. It's the same with the ASUS board:
    The CPU requires the 1006 BIOS version. If the board was produced in November 2012, it might come with the required BIOS version but I doubt they have such board.
    Why don't you order a BIOS chip? It's easy to replace the board's one:
    and it's cheap.
  8. I probably will do that, but at this point i sort of need a pc for this weekend.

    The athlon and phenom cpus are under 75$ at frys. So ill probably use it and then just keep it for a shitty pc.

    Will one of the athlon or phenom cpus work? I see it as will, but ive been.wrong.before.

    Thx again.. so much help and fast to reply
  9. Yes, both CPUs are listed as compatible. Write the models, to check there and make sure:
    for the 965 and
    for the Athlon.

    EDIT: It's funny, at Frys they sell the Athlon 270 as the 260 model:

    Processor: AMD Athlon™ II X2
    Model: 270 - ADX260OCGMBOX instead of ADX270OCGMBOX

    The 965 is more expensive:
  10. That is really odd, it says the model # twice on that page and one times its 270 other time.ots 260. Both are compatible though. And i think this will be the fix i need be ause i just looked at my asrock mobo instruction booklet and it was printed in august 2011. Around the time 1.20 bios came out.. about a year off the 1.50 mark

    If this works, i will sex u ajillion times.. thank you sooo much.

    Pm me your paypal info, ive got a couple dineros for you if this works.
  11. Also, what are your thoughts on my ram not being on the supported memory list for my mobo?
  12. That list is probably not updated.
    But they aren't listed by GSkill either:
    And they are 32GB so probably 4x8 not 2x8, as you mentioned in the 1st post.
    They might or migt not work. I would choose a compatible kit from the GSkill list.
  13. I just put the athlon in my pc and it does the same exact thing it was doing before.. :(
  14. With the board outside the case, only one RAM stick installed, graphics card with PCIe cables connected, keyboard and mouse, check the 24 and the 8-pin power connections and start the board. It should work.
    Check if the CPU fan does spin when powering up.
  15. Doesnt work. Tried everything. Could my mobo be dead if my cpu fan turns on and runs like normal??

    Power switch on case works fine too..

    Only thing i can think that it is.. is the mobo..

    Psu works fine.
    Gfx works fine, was using yesterday in my old pc.
    Both cpus should be working fine.. havnt gotten either to boot though.

    Also theres a sticker on my bios chip that says 970 extreme3 1.60-15A

    That probably means it has 1.60 bios and my old cpu shuldve worked too..

    Any ideas?
  16. Can you connect a case speaker to the motherboard to check the beeps? In the end it might be a motherboard issue and in this case sorry for misleading you.
    Can you return the Athlon to Frys?
  17. Alright mutha fuckas. Got that *** working. Was that piece of *** asrock mobo. Bought a sabretooth from frys. Boots up like a dream. Installing windows now.

    I ended up needing the athlon to boot up anyway. Plus i can def return it.

    Tested every single piece by isolation.. lol.

    Thanks much!

    Keep on keeepin on...
  18. Glad you've solved it.
    Good luck with the new setup!
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